Moving in sooooooo many ways…

Close observation of our children’s movements is vitally important in Early Years play so we can ensure our rooms are set up to facilitate and enable the physical development opportunities they all require.

Young children often have a preference for movement; some crawl, some shuffle on their bottoms, some slide on their tummies, some pull themselves up and cruise and our job is to ensure that we provide so many varied opportunities throughout the nursery day to support and encourage all different types of movement.

This is why we provide physical challenges in the form of soft play, cushions to encourage tummy time, walking aids which little bodies can be pulled up upon and then they can be pushed around to provide the required balance and support for moving about the room and we also think carefully about the placement of toys and resources to encourage movement based upon our children’s individual and differing needs as each child is unique and we want to truly meet their needs as they progress through the ages and stages of physical development and challenge.

We definitely like to move it, move it here at Jollies ♥️xxxx