Our 2023 Reception Class School Leavers Trip to Swithens Farm in Rothwell…

The day started off in a super exciting way as we all caught the 446 bus to Rothwell. We loved going on the bus as we regularly get very excited as we see these buses from our room’s window and wave, so to actually go on one was fantastic! But…… it got even more exciting as our next ride was on a tractor! The farmer picked us up and we got pulled in a trailer all the way up the lane to the farm.

Cheryl was our lovely guide for the day and under her close supervision we met all the animals; both large and small. We got to stroke bunnies and guinea pigs, we looked through at the meerkats, we gave the lambs their bottles, we met the donkeys, alpacas, emus, chickens, geese, pigs and piglets, calves and the HUGE cows!

The cows made us laugh as they used their VERY long tongues to grab carrots off the fence. We thought our tongues were long when we poked them out, but they weren’t a patch on theirs!!

We listened so carefully to Cheryl and fed them with flat hands with thumbs tucked in so we didn’t get nibbled fingers. We didn’t touch our faces or put our hands in our mouths and we washed our hands after feeding and touching the animals as we needed to keep ourselves clean and we didn’t want poorly germs to make our tummies feel sick.

We had a great packed lunch together in the barn and we also managed to squeeze in snack and an icepop too!

We played on all the play areas; the gigantic beach area, the bouncy castle, the trampolines, the climbing frames, the swings, the ride on tractors to name but a few.

We spent our pennies in the farm’s gift shop after carefully making our choices and then we walked back down the lane to catch the bus back to Jollies.

We sang songs at the bus stop and we talked about our favourite things at the farm and we counted down the minutes until the bus arrived.

What a wonderful day at the farm we’ve all had… It was so lovely to spend this time together before we all begin to depart nursery as our Jolly journeys come to an end…

Free-Flow, Laura, Imogen, Stephen, Natalie, Emma, Eloise, Sian and Tracey are super proud of you all and want to thank you for a lovely day! We think all the Jolly grown ups will sleep well tonight and we have a feeling you all will too!!! (Especially as some of your mummies and daddies told us you were up at 5.00 this morning with excitement!!) xxxx