Pancake Day!!!

🥞♥️🥞♥️🥞♥️🥞♥️This morning Free-Flow and Terrific Twos have enjoyed making their very own pancakes using playdough and loose parts! They used their motor skills to use the rolling pin to roll out the playdough, attempted to toss their pancakes in the pan and then finally decorated their pancakes with the loose parts as food… it was fabulous to listen to what they all imagined the differing loose parts to be; such a lot of varied, wonderful toppings emerged as our children’s imaginations took flight!!Meanwhile in the multi sensory room some children had been busy decorating their own pancakes using a bit of maths… pancakes and maths… a winning combo we feel!!They rolled the dice to see how many toppings they needed and then added up the spots on the dice before choosing between blueberries, strawberries, chocolate and golden syrup as they carefully added that number of toppings to their yummy pancakes. Whilst doing this they also talked about which toppings they liked and what they were going to have later on for tea on their pancakes… just sooooo exciting!! In Cheeky Monkeys our children created their own pancakes using moon dough and a variety of utensils. They loved to explore and experiment as they pretended to mix and make their own pancakes.Finally the earlier discussions about toppings became a reality as our children enjoyed the delicious pancakes lovingly made by Sian, our very own Pancake Queen…🥞👑. They have all relished having both a sweet and a savoury one for their tea tonight … definitely a case of yummy, yummy gorgeous pancakes in our tummies!Happy Pancake Day Everyone… we hope all our mummies and daddies have managed to enjoy a pancake or two of their own today too?!