Peekaboo… with tuned in practitioners


At Jollies it’s all about the strong bonds and ‘tuning into’ what our children really desire… and this was illustrated perfectly through a recent interaction between Laura and one of her children.

They brought her over some material so they could play peek-a-boo!! They were making their intentions very clear to her as they instigated this game…

So Laura decided it would be even more fun to do it together… so they then both hid under the blanket.

This was found to be extremely funny and the little one just kept giggling ? and all her friends around her were entertained and soon joined in too.

When they then pulled the material off their heads together (…….after the anticipation of building this moment up!) they found it even funnier and the giggles soon turned into full on belly laughter!!!! ?????

Magic moments spent playing together here at Jollies ♥️ xxxx