Puzzling it out together…


Chloe observed her children closely and realised that they were all LOVING the transport area whilst also being obsessed with solving jigsaws too!! So she thought why not mix the two together and have a go at matching up all the transport pieces to their corresponding insets!!

The children worked together and did this with their friends, so this activity then also encouraged them to share and take turns; which can sometimes be quite a tricky thing for young children to do, but with a few gentle supportive reminders this was soon occurring????

Every time they correctly matched a transport piece to its corresponding hole, it made the sound of the vehicle when it was fully inserted and so Chloe’s children then loved trying to recreate each different sound that they could hear themselves.

As well as experimenting with sounds they also developed their vocabulary and we heard words such as, “car” “fire” “neeee nawww” ” beeppppp” and Chloe then carefully encouraged their conversations together.

Fine-motor days combined with listening and sound creating ways spent puzzling it out together here at Jollies… ♥️???????????????????????????????????????? xxxx