Requests to Reality… The Magic of the Early Years


Emma, our Deputy Manager, has been at Jollies for 17 years and she’s quite simply magic!! She never ceases to amaze us with her creativity and her new and wonderful ideas, but she’s also such a superb practitioner because of her natural ability to turn the children’s requests into reality as she takes their learning off in such exciting ways which have derived organically from their individual fascinations and interests!

On Friday she had a request to go on a woodloose hunt outside as one little one came in with binoculars hanging around his neck. So she went and collected resources from the attic so the room could all do some pre-hunt prep inside first. The group had magnifying glasses and books to identify the bugs and they adored looking at, and playing with, the giant bugs before later going hunting for real ones…

However, the same little one had also had a second request when he came into the room that morning which was for a BIG pirate ship with cannons and a flag……….so teamwork made the dream work and in the blink of an eye one sailed into the playground!!!!

Once this little one stepped aboard and saw it fully materialising his requests got even more detailed!!!! The canon had to shoot out balls ‘like boom!’… It is safe to say that he LOVED it; along with ALL of his friends. The group role-played the whole time they were out there… they were frequently waving their flags and saying it was windy so Emma would shout ‘there’s a storm coming!’

It was just a magical afternoon and the real bug hunt outside was soon forgotten as it was suddenly all about the GINORMOUS pirate ship!!!! ?‍☠️

What an AMAZING day!!!! ♥️ xxxx