Role playing together is simply THE BEST (for us Jolly grown ups too!!)


This little one was the best host as she invited Imogen over to her house after a hard day’s work for Imogen being a fire fighter.

She offered Imogen a cup of tea and some biscuits and when Imogen said she was going to sit back and put her feet up her response was “Okay…. I’ll get the pouffe for you”. In the next moment she brought over a little stool and Imogen did then in fact sit back and put her feet up!!

This little one then came and sat next to Imogen and then Imogen, refreshed after getting her feet up after a hard day fighting fires, offered to make her a cup of tea instead. So then they had some chill time together…. cheers! Next thing you know it was time for bed and they were both off in their ‘tent’ snoring away!!?????

Imaginative days and role-playing ways spent playing here at Jollies ♥️ xxxx