it’s a dinosaur romp!!!! ????????????????????????????????????????

Stephen carried on following the current interests of his children as their love of all things dinosaurs continued… this involved painting with them this time though!! One little one requested to paint with the dinosaurs, so that’s exactly what they all did!

An invitation to play was quickly set up and some of the dinosaurs made their way into the ‘dinosaur garden’. The children LOVED to ‘stomp, stomp stomp’ in the paint, creating lots of footprints around the garden on the ‘grass’!!

By choosing to incorporate toys/figures that our children adore sometimes those that would perhaps not usually choose to get messy and ‘stuck into’ painting activities can often be enticed and drawn into joining in on all the excitement!

Lots of collaboration, cooperation and sharing was seen, lots of imagination as dinosaurs danced and roared and stomped, lots of lovely discussion occurred as dinosaurs’ names were discussed and lots of dinosaur facts were shared too… ♥️ xxxx