Superb sensory feedback…

Exploring Elephants have been exploring their senses recently when Jade set up an invitation to play and investigate with lots of sensory toys/resources on offer.

She brought in fidget toys and noisy tubes for sight, touch and sound. There was a diffuser to stimulate the children’s senses of both smell and sight; as it filled the room with gorgeous vanilla scents, but they could also watch the colours changing.

Then to get those tastebuds working she cut up some orange, kiwi and cucumber slices so they could all have their own slices to taste.

The children were so excited by this activity and they loved investigating all aspects of this sensory play. We saw their interests piqued and their curiosity grow as they got stuck straight in and explored all the sensory toys/resources.

The fidget poppers frequently seemed to be a firm favourite amongst our little ones as they spent quite some time very focused popping each individual one!

They also all loved to taste the fruit and vegetable slices and it was interesting to listen to their comments as they really focused closely and tried to put into words exactly what it was that they were tasting!

Their senses were truly stimulated and this led to a high sense of well-being too as they explored and investigated with focus, confidence, excitement and such enthusiasm ♥️ xxxx