Thank you lovely friends


Our lovely friends at Midland House gave us some money when we went to visit them just before Christmas and instead of buying some new Christmas stories (as we had already bought a couple of new ones this year already and we have a HUGE collection now gathered over many, many, many years) we spent the money on some enhancements to our water tray instead????

We know our children will love practising their counting, stacking and balancing of frogs ????, mermaids ????‍♀️ and polar bears ????‍❄️ together (as well as role-playing with them too!!) and as they adore the ‘That’s Not My’ collection of books we simply had to add ‘Narwhal’ to our Jolly stash!!

Thank you lovely friends ♥️ our children will love playing with, and enjoying, their presents from you all…

We’ll look forward to seeing you all again soon for our traditional annual sing-along at Easter???? xxxx