The possibilities of a box….


After a recent huge delivery Stephen found a way to get creative with the very last of the cardboard boxes.

He imaginatively created a fun game involving said box and some balls! His children then worked together to try and get the coloured balls to fall down into the holes that he had made. How many could they make disappear? ……and how quickly could they do this? …… would any fall off, or could they balance the box to keep them all on?

This challenge required our children to use their coordination and work as a team as they had to communicate as they tipped and tilted the box from side to side and up and down together!!

They constantly talked to each another as they did this about which way they needed to move the box to achieve their goal.

What a challenge this was and what excellent communication, collaboration, coordination and control they all exhibited!!

Who knew that a box and some balls could be so exciting?! ♥️ xxxx