There’s a worm at the bottom of our garden…


Free-Flow we’re playing outside with Emily when they discovered a worm! They took time to observe closely together and they noticed how long he was and how much he wriggled around.

One of the children placed a small twig in front of him and Emily commented and asked, “I wonder if he will go underneath, or on top of, the twig? ….. What do you think?”

This got our children pondering and they waited patiently and watched very closely and found that the worm went underneath their twig! “He’s super worm!!” one little one announced!

Another child then placed a second twig and asked their friends, “Do you think the worm will go underneath or on top of the twig?” They unanimously shouted “Underneath!” as the worm slowly wiggled its way under the twig. The children were just so excited by the wriggly wiggly worm’s antics and they shouted, “Emily! Look Emily! He is going underneath the twig”.

We like to take every opportunity gifted to us to enhance our children’s learning and understanding and Emily used this chance to focus upon some positional language and developed their conversation further in a very natural way.

Fascinating observation of nature ways and wriggly worm inspired days spent discussing together here at Jollies ♥️???? xxxx