Tummy Time

Tummy time is just as important at two years as it is at two months old, as children are continuing to grow, develop and strengthen their bodies and their fine motor control and providing tummy time and the chance to make marks from a different perspective will most definitely encourage and facilitate this.

So armed with this knowledge, it was time for Jade to follow her children’s interests of wanting to make marks, draw and create, but not at a table top or on an easel, but rather flat on the floor instead…

Her children immediately gathered around and laid on their tummies as they reached and stretched and held their heads up and positioned themselves on elbows and twisted and turned as they chatted to each other and checked out their friends’ drawings/creations too.

This was such a simple activity, but such an incredibly grounding one too, as this time can help develop sensory awareness surrounding the stomach (particularly significant for those who are building up to potty training), it strengthens the core as children look up and around and push themselves up on their hands and elbows, it enhances their ability to track movements and people and focus on the marks (fine motor!) they are making whilst maintaining their tummy drawing position (great early reading skills!), it reduces the desire to fidget as it can encourage focus as the children feel so grounded and secure and know exactly where their body is within space (something that can be hard to feel and achieve when sat upright on a chair).

There are many, many other benefits to time spent laid on tummies too, so why not push the table to one side and get down on the floor as you draw, glue, build and create together as your little one will reap the benefits in the future whilst having lots of fun experimenting and exploring in the present moment too ♥️ xxxx