Tunnels, tunnels everywhere….


Cheeky Monkeys had lots of fun rolling the cars/trains around the roads/tracks and under the tunnels! This activity encouraged them to investigate how objects fitted into different spaces, figuring out which ones will fit and which won’t, as well as beginning to learn about, and explore, prepositions; e.g the car is under the bridge etc…

When nearby grownups commentated upon vehicles’ movements and modelled associated language and asked if our children could follow simple instructions to make vehicles travel different routes our children were developing their listening and comprehension skills.

Our children were also developing their own vocabularies and frequent excited squeals were interspersed with “ohhh car” “beeeppppp” “zoommmm” and some repeated “on unel (tunnel)” and “fast” and “slow” amongst many other words.

This was all whilst naturally developing core strength and stability as little bodies leaned, moved, stretched and balanced to ensure vehicles could continue on their journeys across the tray…

Beep, beep move out of the way there are just so many tunnels to explore!! Xxxx