We like to move it, move it

(…. and it’s ESSENTIAL we do too!!)

Putting our bodies and balance to the test as we engage in movement play outside on the soft play mats… Fiona demonstrated, scaffolded and joined in too and her children were all moving in the most marvellous of ways as their coordination and control developed as pathways were forged within their brains!! ♥️

When children move this builds critical neural pathways within their brains and this develops their physical competency.

So the more repeated physical experiences they encounter, their sensory receptors increase and this leads to the subsequent cementing of neural pathways within their brains.

The more repetition of movement they experience the more these movements become fully automated…

Once these movements are automated our children’s brains are then free to process other ‘thinking’ tasks such as talking, listening, planning and problem-solving as they are not having to think about the mechanics of how they are moving, as this part is then automatic!

Each repetitive function they experience (through play) becomes an automated movement in time, therefore our children need frequent, varied opportunities to move often and refine their physical skills as the more they move the more they will learn and, in turn, the more their bodies and brains will be able to do!!

Movement play is marvellously fun, but also absolutely essential to get those brains and bodies working really hard!

Admit it though, you thought we were just ‘playing’ didn’t you?! ♥️???? xxxx