Welcome to our Jolly Salon


Natalie observed her children being REALLY interested in hair last week; they were also asking the Jolly grown ups if they could put plaits in for them and they were brushing and even trying to put bobbles in their hair together too at every opportunity. So that was it… Natalie went on a trip up to our attic and the hairdressing resources came out and then they all quickly got to work!!

They used lots of different hair tools/equipment and resources to make the dolls’ heads (and Imogen and Nat Nat and each other!!) look fabulous and they all did a great job as they worked together as a team sharing everything and role-playing together.

They learnt how to use the curlers and rollers too and now they are all officially pros!!!!!

Will you be booking in at our Jolly Salon for a happy hairstyle soon?! Appointments strictly necessary as we are just soooooooo busy!! ?????? xxxx