What steam train?!


We heard a whisper that the Scarborough Spa Express was coming through Woodlesford Station this morning, so all our children upstairs decided to take a walk over the road to Woodlesford Station.

We are all train spotters here at Jollies so the opportunity to see an actual steam train was just too good to resist!

Our children got themselves comfy at the station (and even had an alfresco snack there as part of their exciting morning) and they waited, and waited, and waited and waited some more….

It was AMAZING the amount of trains that passed… some were very fast and some were slow and some actually stopped in the station, but all were very interesting! Alas there was no steam train though… it had been delayed and we all had to return to Jollies for our lunch.

Despite the lack of steam train it was very much not a wasted opportunity. We found out how to keep ourselves safe at the station, we counted trains and passengers getting on and off, we looked at numbers and signs in the environment all around us and we crossed roads safely and with care. This was alongside having superb conversations about what we could see and hear all around us all the time.

Every moment is a learning opportunity after all and despite the lack of steam our morning was simply a dream!! ♥️ xxxx