Whatever the weather…

we simply love to explore!!!!! ❄️????❄️????❄️????❄️

Recently our children have wrapped up warm and been filled with awe and wonder at the exciting weather they’ve discovered outside…

They attempted to break the ice up that they found in the tray and then they sent the smaller pieces whizzing and sliding down the tubes to see if the pieces would break up into even smaller pieces!

They also enjoyed exploring and investigating the different sounds they could create by hitting and scraping the ice with the metal utensils… they made a whole range; from very loud to extremely quiet sounds.

One little one collected lots of icy pieces together in a bowl and then explained to Stephen excitedly that she’d made some ‘crystals’… truly awesome and a little bit wonderful!

The funniest of all though was when our children decided to create their very own version of ‘dancing on ice’… slipping and sliding and moving and grooving in the whizziest of ways!! Xxxx