Wonderful, wonderful water play on a miniature scale!!


Emma told me ages ago about a fantastic place, The Recycle Yard in Ossett, and when I finally made it there for a visit last week I came back armed with lots of lovely resources that I knew would be perfect for many things; but one use I definitely had in mind for some of the goodies was enhancing water play here at Jollies for our oldest children.

The super-cute teeny tiny pipettes, the mini funnels, the pillars, the pots, the ‘pop top’ tubes, the ‘boats’ and the mini test tubes proved to be excellent when added to individual mini water trays ????????????

They got little brains whirring, little hands working and we saw fine motor skills being developed as hands had to grasp, squeeze, twist, turn and open and close as they explored and used all the different resources.

Building this finger strength and fine motor control is an essential pre-cursor for early writing skills, as you can’t hold a pen comfortably and effectively until you’ve gained this strength, control and coordination ✍????✏️????✍????Xxxx