Wow, what an adventure!!!!


On Friday Emma, Imogen and Free-Flow went for a walk into the shady forest!! They had lots of fun along the way. En route they passed the new shelter in the train station and just had to sit in it!! Imogen showed everyone how to print tickets and they then each got one!

They then marched over the bridge, stamping their feet to make lots of noise, as well as spotting the 446! They walked very sensibly along the path, holding hands with their friends to keep safe, BUT then the path ran out… So they all chatted about needing to stay near the very edge (and not in the road!) and this quickly turned into a balancing game…… They had to balance, staying on the white ‘snake’ (the white lines!!). We saw lots of great control and coordination…

Emma then noticed their shadows so they all spent some time making their shadows wave and some shadows even stood on one leg!!!

They moved onto the kissing gate which led to the wiggly paths through the forest!! Emma and Imogen let their children lead the way; choosing which path to follow whenever they got to a crossroads until they all found the perfect spot for a snack!

A lovely dog must’ve smelt their fruit as it came bouncing out of the bushes to see everyone before running back to find its owner.

Refuelled it was swiftly on to even more adventures through the twisty paths and into a meadow… It opened up into a very wide space which gave everyone the perfect opportunity to do some spinning and twirling!!

They stumbled upon a little magpie who was blocking their path and it looked to be asleep, but they thought it actually had a poorly leg when they carefully and quietly looked more closely… ????

They then ventured back to Jollies by travelling over the trip trap bridges, going around the muddy patches and avoiding the nettles!!!

Exhausting …. but excellent all at the same time!! ♥️ xxxx