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Red Nose Day – 19th March 2021

Happy Red Nose Day 2021 Telling jokes, pulling funny faces, crafting and playing in all things red, pinning the red nose on the giraffe, these are just some of the fun things that have been occurring at Jollies today! We raised £45.00 for Comic Relief on the day itself and we are leaving the collection …

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World Book Day – 4th March 2021

This year we chose whether we wanted to wear our favourite costume or to snuggle up in our pj’s to read a story. We read lots of books and did lots of story related activities throughout the day.

Pancake Day – 16th February

What an exciting day it is!! The children spent all morning practicing their tossing skills and reading ‘Mr. Wolf’s pancake’ and now can’t wait for tea time!!!!

Chinese New Year 2021 – 12th Feb

Here’s a little snapshot into some of the fabulously fun activities we’ve been doing this week to promote learning about Chinese New Year. From playing with real noodles/rice, pretending that string and wool are noodles, hiding and finding them in the sandpit, to learning to use chop sticks and reading all about the culture and …

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Welcome Back!!

Almost at the end of our first week back and we’ve had lots of very excited children this week. They have been happy to be reunited with their buddies and back in the swing of things at Jollies! Here are a few pics of what we have been up to!

Sensory feedback

Sensory feedback and exploration is so important! We have recently got some light up rolling shaker toys and here they are being thoroughly enjoyed by some children in PP! Such fun! Can’t wait for more rooms to explore them too!


Schemas…..Are you aware of schemas in your child? Do they have repetitive interests that puzzle you? Activities they just keep going back to time and time again in many guises???? Throwing, spinning, tipping??? If so they are a schematic child! Here in nursery I have bought some spinning tops in for those who are interested …

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Christmas Dinner…..twice in a week!!! 15th & 17th December

We have had an awesome second Christmas Dinner today…. crackers were pulled, jokes were shared, hats were worn and lots of yummy, scrummy food was eaten… thank you, Emma, for our delicious second Christmas Dinner of the week! xxxx

Our Special Visitors – 16th December

What an exciting and amazing morning we have had at Jollies…. Santa couldn’t come in and see us this year as no visitors are currently allowed into our nursery bubble…. not even Santa…. apart from our lovely staff team and our children. However, he hadn’t forgotten us! There was a loud knock on the door …

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Happy Diwali

Free-Flow Two loved finding out about this very special festival of light and reflecting upon how we celebrate special times in our lives and the lives of our friends. Throughout the week they made some amazing clay diva lamps, they shared traditional stories and songs, they created amazing rangoli patterns and they even tried a …

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