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Mechanics at the ready

A new and exciting role-play awaits Free-Flow this week as they book cars into our new Jolly Garage to be assessed and mended. Tyres will be changed and pumped, oil will be tested and topped up, engines will be tuned, bodywork will be washed, petrol and diesel will be filled. Lots of opportunities for role-playing …

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New Hotel Opens In Woodlesford!!!!!

Recently we were invited by ‘Woodlesford In Bloom’ to take part in helping to make the new Woodlesford Bug Hotel on the grassed area over the road from Jollies. How exciting was this?! We being part of such a wonderful local community… We loved to listen to ‘Woodlesford In Bloom’ talking about how we were …

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We are still feeling the love here at Jollies

Love isn’t to be celebrated just for one day… love makes our world so much brighter and Cheeky Monkeys are still enjoying playing in their love-themed sensory tray… lots of scooping and pouring of coloured rice and lots of considering of ‘Guess how much I love you?’…. The answer? ……. We love our nearest and …

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Happy Valentine’s Day to our whole Jolly Family

Our children and Team Jollies are soooo very lucky as we all have such wonderful families and friends who make our lives just that little bit brighter… We LOVE to be loved and LOVE certainly makes our world go round, as it helps us all feel safe, secure and so, so happy! We’ve had so …

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Happy Pancake Day!!!!

Thank you, Sian, our ‘Jolly Pancake Queen’ for making the whole nursery delicious pancakes today. We enjoyed both sweet and savoury treats (the melted chocolate, golden syrup and lemon and sugar ones were definitely more popular than the ham and cheese ones in the end ) and they were certainly delicious!! Before we had this …

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Come fly with me, let’s fly, let’s fly away….

Our children’s conversations were all about holidays and when they had flown on aeroplanes with their families…. Cue inspiration for our next role-play area (we’ve recently also had a vets!) as Stephen created an airport to further their excitement. There were arrivals and departures boards, passports to check, plane tickets to purchase, suitcases with clothes …

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Where to next, Elephants?

Exploring Elephants has had a bit of a revamp, as we like to mix it up a bit here at Jollies, and little nooks and crannies (and dens!) have been created based upon the children’s current interests and fascinations. The staff team are currently having a HUGE push around communication; so a snuggly story sharing …

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Chinese New Year 2024

As the Lunar New Year begins on 10 February; celebrating the Year of the Dragon, our children have enjoyed finding out more about this very special time of year and how it is celebrated by so many across the globe. We would like to wish everybody a wonderful time celebrating and a very, very happy …

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Look out of the window… what can you see?

Latisha and the children were fascinated when they looked out of the window together…. The snow had started to fall and this caused great excitement!! There was talk of snowmen and snowflakes and soon after the group enjoyed wrapping up warm ready to go and explore the actual snow outside!! xxxx

Brotherly love!

When you are playing outside and you spot your brother through the window… We’re not quite sure who’s the cheekiest one of all, but what was quite clear was that brotherly love was in full swing here at Jollies xxxx