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Our new ‘piggy’ houses

I’ll huff and I’ll puff….Our newest addition to our outside area, our fabulous willow huts, generated much excitement and also inspired some fabulous role-playing as the children immediately spontaneously pretended they were hiding ‘in the piggy house’ from the BIG BAD WOLF!!!!!! Such fun…. We can’t wait to see what’s next to come?! Xxxx

Mission Impossible?!?

(Not for our clever children at Jollies!!) In Beth, Katie and Emma’s room recently the children found it was time to challenge themselves! The grown-ups made a course where the children had to get to the other side, but there were red lines (that looked a little like laser beams!!) in their way. They then …

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We love crafts

We are getting ‘stuck’ into fun and are busy creating this afternoon! (It’s official we stickers!!!!!!! …….. and stencils, and crayons and felt tips and glue and feathers… ). Peeling the backs off of (fiddly!) stickers is a great way to strengthen little fingers and work upon developing fine motor skills… and you thought they …

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A box is not just a box!

Cheeky Monkeys had a special delivery from one of their children’s mummies… a gigantic cardboard box that she had given them to play with and of course they all absolutely it as the possibilities of play were endless!!!!! As soon as Natalie put it on the floor they were all immediately drawn to the box …

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Dinosaurs came to encourage mark making!

today it’s the dinosaurs that are inspiring fabulous writing, drawing and general mark making skills…We think we’re going to be having a ROARSOME time today at Jollies!! xxxx

Our rainbow creative station

We are all about the rainbows here at Jollies today… Our children have a new area to explore which involves the most colourful musical instruments and mark making opportunities! We are looking forward to them releasing their inner and seeing their creativity shine through… xxxx

Mealtimes = a chance to be social

Yum yum yum! Food at Jollies is the highlight for some and boy do they like to eat! The main meal and pudding is at lunchtime lovingly home cooked from scratch! Tea is more of a snack to top them up a bit! Beans on toast is one of there fave meals…..Look at those juicy …

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Bubblewrap fun!

!Pop! Pop! Pop!Exploring elephants children have taken a liking to bubble wrap so Fiona has extended this interest with various other activities and experiences……….fidget pop toys, painting, riding bikes……what will they do tomorrow????? #bubblewrapfun

Picnic season all year round!

Food glorious food…………We love to play, but boy do we like to eat! Here at Jollies we love a good picnic snack inside or outside. Social situations like food times are a lovely time for the children to talk about their day…share stories and enjoy each others company. They also act as as a helpful …

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Independence……..Its tough having to learn to do things for yourself! It takes time to learn and repetition….. Free Flow children have been learning about good choices in food, what they would like to eat for their tea and helping to make their own sandwiches! Its super tricky to use a knife, butter the bread and …

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