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Bubblewrap fun!

!Pop! Pop! Pop!Exploring elephants children have taken a liking to bubble wrap so Fiona has extended this interest with various other activities and experiences……….fidget pop toys, painting, riding bikes……what will they do tomorrow????? #bubblewrapfun

Picnic season all year round!

Food glorious food…………We love to play, but boy do we like to eat! Here at Jollies we love a good picnic snack inside or outside. Social situations like food times are a lovely time for the children to talk about their day…share stories and enjoy each others company. They also act as as a helpful …

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Independence……..Its tough having to learn to do things for yourself! It takes time to learn and repetition….. Free Flow children have been learning about good choices in food, what they would like to eat for their tea and helping to make their own sandwiches! Its super tricky to use a knife, butter the bread and …

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Gloop, gloop GLORIOUS gloop…. Changes in texture from solid to ‘soup’!!!!What a fun afternoon the children in Free Flow had with Imogen recently… they certainly got messy but that was all part of the fun and they loved it! It was amazing just how much fun they could have by mixing cornflour and water together. …

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Mud, mud, glorious mud

Mud, mud, glorious mud, nothing quite like it for… making some buns !!Natalie had closely observed some of our Cheeky Monkeys gang playing and they were really interested in role playing in the kitchen area within the room. They were enjoying making cups of tea for everyone and making cakes and buns too. They then …

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Treasure Hunt

Tracey went on another one of her ‘treasure hunts’ at the weekend and returned with a fab item which consisted of egg cups, eggs and salt and pepper shakers which were made from wood for our loose parts area. The children loved to explore it throughout the day and discover all the different ways in …

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Football fever!

We must be England’s lucky mascots!! We wear our tops and have a football party and they WIN!!!!!!

Buzzy bee……..

One of our little ones displays such enthusiasm when it comes to wildlife and creatures, he is so observant all the time and coming into nursery the other morning was no exception! Even before he came into Jollies, he showed Laura and Daddy the bees he could see on our flowers and throughout the morning, …

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What is a grasshopper?

We HOP to it and take any opportunity to extend our children’s learning… Outside Emma was busy looking at the books with some of her children and their definite favourite was ‘The Bug Hotel’ book and the other non-fiction ones about insects. After much bug hunting and discussion the children wanted to know and find …

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With lockdown easing, and some form of normality hopefully starting to return, quite a few of our children have been beginning to go on camping trips with their families; enjoying the wonderful fresh air and the great outdoors! We like to reflect their life experiences here at Jollies so they can recreate and extend them …

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