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SUPER story sharing

Batman takes a quick break from saving the world to share a book with his friend… SUPER friendships blossom here at Jollies xxxx

Beep Beep!!!!

Sometimes you’ve just got to jump on a huge wooden truck and push yourself around the room…..One of our little ones strengthens their core, puts their balance and coordination to the test and explores direction and speed as they drive around the floor! …And you thought they were ‘just playing’ didn’t you?! So much amazing …

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It’s mostly been a splishy-splashy paddling pool kind of morning here in the sunshine in the Jolly Garden xxxx

Miaow, Miaow

Remote controlled cats were all the rage in Cheeky Monkeys. Their room is the perfect space to explore with these IT toys as one half of their area is entirely lino-floored which can only mean one thing… extra zippy cat manoeuvres!!! Our children took full advantage of both the space and the surface as they …

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I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!!

We do like to follow our children’s interests here at Jollies, however ‘random’ (and unusual!) they may sometimes be, and recently a HUGE interest was… ice cream! Our children were talking about it lots after family days out and they started to pretend to create and serve it in our role play house.Imogen quickly noticed …

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Lighting up our learning…

A light box/panel/table is a wonderful thing… it’s such a versatile resource that can be used to spark curiosity and awe and wonder in our children and all kinds of lovely learning can be enhanced through the use of it!Here’s a sneaky peek into its versatility and recent use within Jollies…From exploring slices of cucumber …

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Planting, planting, planting!!

One of our mummies had some excess tomato plants and they asked if we’d like some here at Jollies. We said a very grateful yes to this kind offer and then it was over to some of our Free-Flow children to pot them up.Once planted in their new pots the children watered them and all …

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A moment of magic

Introducing our amazing butterflies into the wide, wonderful world around them…. Bye, Bye Butterfly!! Xxxx+7273People reached63EngagementsBoost post 1212

caterpillars no more!

We spy a caterpillar… a chrysalis… a butterfly!Up until very recently Terrific Twos have had some extra special visitors staying with them in nursery sharing their play room…some baby caterpillars! They got to watch the baby caterpillars grow and then form a chrysalis before finally emerging as beautiful butterflies… to say they were excited throughout …

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Jubilee celebrations

What a fabulous afternoon tea street party we have had to celebrate our lovely Queen’s 70 years on the throne We had a party tea whilst wearing our best clothes and crowns, we had a mini photo booth, we had balloons to race and chase and keep up in the sky, we played happily with …

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