Tia continued on with developing the fine motor skills of her little cheeky monkeys!

By experiencing invitations to play that enable them to practise their fine motor skills our children are able to develop their hand/eye coordination further and this helps us out when it comes to learning how to write in the future as without strong fingers and coordination you simply cannot control a pen or pencil!!

So a parcel was delivered to Jollies and an opportunity was spotted by Tia as she utilised the discarded box to go pom-pom crazy!!!

Her children were introduced to an assortment of pom-poms and then got busy posting the different sized pom-poms into the different sized holes and tubes! Sometimes they fitted and sometimes they didn’t… Lots of opportunities for extension of knowledge surrounding colour recognition and counting also emerged too; as well as the obvious comparisons of size.

Oh so simple, but oh so effective!! Pom-pomtastic it certainly was as we really got those little fingers working!!! ???????????????????????? Xxxx