A trip to see the trains…


Train obsessions are no joke in Cheeky Monkeys (they take ALL kinds of transport VERY seriously ;)) but to feed their children’s obsession a little bit more the lovely Cheeky Monkey grown ups thought why not take a little trip across the road to the train station to watch real trains in action!!!

Our children were not disappointed. The excitement in their hearts and faces was palpable from spotting the very first train all the way through until they saw the last train before their return to Jollies. All our children were clearly in their element.

Every time a train passed many of our children would shout with excitement and they literally couldn’t smile wide enough as they waved to all the passengers onboard.

They also loved having a cheeky alfresco snack too whilst they did their spotting… you’ve got to keep yourself fuelled after all!!

We’re certain it won’t be long until our little monkeys are ‘choo-sing’ to do this again as this has definitely fed their train obsession!! Xxxx