Cars and trains are AMAZING!!


The other morning in Exploring Elephants the cars seemed to be a HUGE hit, so Jade and Latisha asked their children if they would like to go to the train station; as they also love trains, and they could then see lots of real cars on their way there too!

They all said “YES!!”…. So they all got ready and then headed out to the train station.

They walked beautifully and very sensibly as they listened very carefully to what Jade and Latisha were sharing with them about how to keep safe near the road on their way to the station.

They continued their fab listening throughout their journey; whilst at the train station they could hear birds, but not see them. They saw 8 trains, some of them stopped, but some went whizzing on past and these ones were so very, very fast as they didn’t need to stop!

They even enjoyed some yummy snack whilst they were there too. All that walking requires fuel after all!!

We do love to follow our children’s interests and we do love to explore our wonderful local environment… how lucky we are to have Woodlesford Station literally opposite our nursery ♥️xxxx