If you go down to the woods today………..


On Friday one of our little ones came in dressed as an explorer and requested ‘a forest’… So Tracey had an idea that Free-Flow could go off and explore the local woods and it soon turned into a proper adventure!!

We went armed with binoculars and a bug book to see what we could spot… We spotted lots of nests in the trees before we even arrived at the woods, and then as soon as we got near them Imogen spotted something amazing…..two DEER!!!! We all quietly watched them in awe before they bounded off into the woods.

We entered the woods through the ‘kissing gate’ and Tracey explained why it was called this. All our children then blew kisses and giggled as they passed through. Then we followed the curvy paths and crossed over so many trip-trap bridges….by which time it had begun to rain????️

Tracey made us a little shelter to huddle and have our snack under and whilst we were busy munching bananas and breadsticks Emma snuck off to hide lots of dinosaurs for us to search for afterwards!

The rain turned torrential just in time for our long walk back to Jollies (typical!!) but we tried to make the best of the situation by looking for worms (would we be able to find Superworm?!? ????) and also doing some fabulous splashing, stomping and singing!! ????????????????????????

Once back we all got changed into dry clothes after a quick towel dry and had some yummy lunch followed by a warming hot chocolate to make us all feel snuggly and cosy again… what an adventure we all had!! ♥️ Xxxx