Children’s weekly baking


Once a week one of our rooms takes its turn to make pudding for the whole nursery. This is a great opportunity to reinforce hygiene and safety messages, introduce the concept of weighing and measuring, follow instructions as a recipe is worked through, develop understanding of sequencing; what is done first and what comes next, look at how mixtures change and transform into buns, or how chocolate changes from a solid, to a liquid, back to a solid again; to discuss melting and heating and cooling, to turn-take and share, to develop an awareness of time as our children wait for the oven to bake their treats and then to feel a HUGE sense of pride and achievement as our children taste their goodies at lunchtime and proudly discuss how they’ve all made some delicious treats for themselves and all their Jolly friends too!!

We have anything from tray bakes, fairy cakes, jammy biscuits to crispy buns… it’s up to each room to choose what they’d like to bake and create together… whatever next?! We simply cannot wait to see (and taste!!) ♥️ xxxx