Yay to toothbrushing!!


Yesterday morning toothbrushing got mentioned by a few parents at drop off time; as one child had loved it and another had struggled a little over the weekend.

So to encourage positive toothbrushing, supporting our parents/carers and also following on from our children’s interests Jade brought the toothbrushing box into her room and set it up in a tray.

The room began by reading some books together before then brushing some giant teeth…

Our children were on a mission to ensure every tooth was brushed thoroughly within each of the mouths and they practised squeezing the toothpaste carefully onto their brushes.

Hopefully they will now be very excited to go home and show their expert toothbrushing skills and share what they have learnt through looking at the books with their mummies and daddies and grandmas and grandads too ♥️

Partnership working ways and perfecting toothbrushing days spent learning here at Jollies xxxx