Five trains and a helicopter!!!!!


As transport was currently a huge favourite in Natalie and Evie’s room and their children were always spotting different modes of transport out of their room’s huge window they decided to pop over the road to see some real trains!!!!

They went on a lovely walk to the train station where they talked about what they could see all around them on their travels and they also liked to wave to their friends too as Cheeky Monkeys decided to join in Possums’ fun!!

At the station they loved waving to all the trains and they even spotted a helicopter flying above them in the sky!

They enjoyed some yummy snack whilst watching out for the trains ???? and they sang some songs too whilst waiting for the next one to arrive in the station.

They managed to see 5 trains and all the children were mesmerised and really enjoyed it when the trains beeped at them!

What a fun morning it was getting out and about in our local community… yay to that we all say!!! ♥️ xxxx