Soft play… YAY!!!!!!!…. Climb and build away


Recently Possums had a fabulous morning exploring their soft play!!!

A tunnel had been created by the grownups for everyone to travel through which they absolutely loved.

However, once the tunnel had been knocked over quite a few of them then loved to sit on one of the soft play pieces and rock backwards and forwards!!!

This then inspired everyone to enjoy singing ‘horsey horsey don’t you stop’… ????????????

This resulted in our little ones rocking faster and faster!!

Lots of building with the blocks, balancing on the blocks, climbing over the blocks, ducking under the archways and generally moving around and exploring, exploring, exploring occurred.

All the time our youngest giraffes were collaborating, creating, turn-taking, imagining, communicating, coordinating, investigating and exploring their bodies’ physical skills, movements, strength and capabilities!!

Soft play days and skill developing ways spent building together here at Jollies ♥️ xxxx