I’m spinning around….


Spin, spin, spin, spin and spin!!! Some of us just love to spin in Terrific Twos and so Sian bought us a new exciting spinning fish chair that enables us to spin around and around and around just by using our body control!

This piece of apparatus is great for encouraging core strength and balance and the Jolly grownups could see both of these being utilised by their children immediately.

This little one just loved the spinner sooooooo much! He found it absolutely hilarious as he span around and around and around… He had quite a wobble on when he eventually stood up and walked away… ????????????????????

We love to feed our children’s interests and passions and allow their little bodies to repeat, repeat, repeat the actions their brains are driving them to do over and over and over again…

It’s truly fascinating stuff figuring out how little brains are wired and what this means for our practice as practitioners and, ultimately, how we can have the most impact upon their future development and learning! ♥️ Xxxx