Lost in their own little world together…

These little ones had been busy playing at the windowsill for a long period of time and they were so immersed in their play that they had no idea Stephen had been sat nearby and had been busy observing their actions and interactions!!

They were so very focused and engrossed upon their imaginative play with each other and they adored creating sound effects for the different cars and trains they were utilising to develop their exciting scenarios.

It’s so lovely to just sit back sometimes and listen carefully and observe in detail exactly how our children are playing and what they are saying and doing as they get lost within their thoughts and ideas and express their imaginations outwardly through their conversations, directions, sounds and actions as they become so engrossed within their play!

Play is our children’s work and they definitely take it VERY seriously!! There’s no slacking on the job here at Jollies ♥️ xxxx