Lent with love


Our little Jolly lending library is restocked again and ready and waiting for you to borrow a book or two throughout the coming week…

We know you’ll all have so many books at home already, but sometimes it’s nice to mix it up a little and share a new one together!

Please feel free to borrow the accompanying toys and puppets too… Will the Big Bad Wolf capture your little one’s attention as he huffs and puffs? Will Elmer enjoy being wheeled around your house meeting all your little one’s cuddly toys? Will they end up having a colourful tea party together? Will the Bunny get extra snuggles as you share ‘Guess How Much I Love You’?!

Please, please, please borrow any books and toys that you would like to truly bring stories alive at your house. All we ask is that once you’ve enjoyed sharing them you bring them back and pop them on the shelves again ready to bring other Jolly friends’ imaginations alive too.

Enjoy happy, snuggly, exciting story-sharing times together ♥️ xxxx