Lent With Love

♥️Our Jolly Lending Library is all stocked up and ready to go with some lovely exciting new books for you to grab as you come in to drop off on a morning so you can share them with snuggles at bedtime as part of your lovely evening bedtime routine. Our oldest children can grab one themselves to share at home on their way into/out of the building as well whenever they’d like to. We’ve added some lovely new books around brushing teeth and visiting the dentist as we know that this is something parents sometimes need a little support with to encourage their little ones to get fully on board. It’s such an important thing to do well to protect teeth for future years so we thought the addition of these books will add a further nursery/home partnership dimension to the play and learning we already undertake within nursery using our various tooth brushing resources. Happy reading and happy brushing as brilliant bedtime routines are established and enjoyed together at home ♥️xxxx