Our amazing bodies and their capabilities…

Our newly-revamped sensory room has a rather wonderful Lycra suspension swing so our children can envelop themselves in material and feel enclosed and develop their awareness of their body in space through the sensory feedback they receive.

However, a new addition which can also be added and hung from the same special fixings has appeared… the Lycra can be replaced with a super whizzy bar with handles. Here our children can lift their bodies off the ground and revel at being suspended in the air; they can even go upside down if they so desire… and quite a few have a natural urge to get themselves into this position!! Soooo funny to explore the world ???? hanging upside down from this angle… (and the balance and core/body strength required is phenomenal!).

Our sensory room has been stripped back and each room observes their children and then goes and grabs the most appropriate resources box from our huge collection of sensory boxes/resources upstairs in order to bring the maximum excitement and challenge into this unique space that truly matches their children’s energy, drive, wants, needs and interests so precisely ♥️ xxxx