More adventures aboard the Jolly bus!!!


After their original bus journey a few days earlier; Free-Flow were soon back on their jolly bus again and even had their own tickets; only this time they managed to combine it with their other current obsession at the time… fireworks!!

Whilst they were on their (imaginary) bus journey they spotted fireworks (amongst many, many other things!) out of the window (our huge interactive screen provided the perfect backdrop to bring their imaginings to life!!)… and it was AMAZING!!

This then led them all on to going outside and waiting at the bus stop in front of Jollies to find some real life buses.

They gave everyone that passed by a big wave and they spotted all the different coloured cars passing by and discussed all the different vehicles they could see.

At the bus stop they had their tickets to wave and they even got to press the information button at the stop to get the latest update.

At last the 446 came by and they gave it a HUGE wave and the very friendly bus driver and passengers waved right back which made our children’s day!!

Following our children’s interests is just so exciting as we never quite know where they will take us… ♥️ Xxxx