The driver on the bus says ‘tickets please’….all day long!!


One of our friends in Free-Flow recently sparked up an interest in buses, so they soon all decided to get on and off their own Jolly bus as they went on their way to the seaside (their destination of choice!!).

So chairs were swiftly found and arranged and a sign was placed as they needed their very own bus stop to queue at and wait for the bus to arrive…

Of course they then had to sing ‘wheels on the bus’ multiple times and this soon morphed into making up their very own special little Jolly remix too!!

They definitely had fun and they got the full bus experience as they had to wait at the Jolly bus stop until the bus came before boarding and having their tickets checked, before then embarking on a fun day out at the seaside with their besties!!

Just look at the excitement on their faces… we don’t think their smiles could have got any wider!! We think it’s fair to say they all enjoyed their trip on the bus…

All aboard and step this way for imaginative play and superb friendship!! Xxxx