Painting with a difference!

Recently Stephen made some ‘clipboards’ using cardboard and pieces of coloured card and attached them to the edges of the table with sellotape. This created a blank canvas to create a modern masterpiece on, but very much one with a difference…

As his children painted, their boards MOVED! They swung backwards, forwards and side to side depending upon how firmly they were pressed and how brushes were manoeuvred! Yet our children were not perturbed by this, in fact they loved it and mostly rose to Stephen’s challenge of trying not to use their hands when controlling their board whilst they painted!

We saw some amazing concentration throughout this very tricky painting activity, some superb skill, patience and perseverance, as well as same great body control and physical (core) strength all being exercised as painting positions were found and maintained.

Afterwards our children enjoyed sharing details of exactly what they had painted and created too as they had all had a purpose in mind! They were little artists on a mission and it had proved to be quite a funny one too! We heard lots of giggles as they created their wibbly-wobbly paintings together!! Xxxx