Unlocking our full potential…


Our older children have been tackling the padlocks and keys recently… They showed us that they had lots of perseverance and drive to problem-solve as they exhibited extreme determination and focus throughout when they tried to find the matching keys for all the different locks.

Our children were so excited and proud of themselves when they placed the keys into the locks and they fully turned and opened the padlocks!! They initially found this motion quite tricky though, as they had to use their hand/eye coordination to get the keys into the locks and then their physical manipulation and strength and their fine motor skills to then turn them to release the padlocks!

We love to develop our children’s skills and further their learning and understanding by playing with traditional toys, but also with ‘real life’ objects… we all love the strange, crazy, creative, quirky and unusual as these are the things that can spark little minds and truly help to unlock potential!! Xxxx