Shopping for real!!


Jade and Latisha enabled their little Elephants to take their current role play interest and put it into practice as they got their shoes and coats on and headed off to a real shop!!

The children had spent all week shopping in their ‘Jollies Supermarket’ and they had been turn-taking, role-playing, counting pennies, making shopping lists and had generally been having an awesome time together. However, Jade and Latisha decided to take their room’s current interest to a whole new level as they went out and about in our lovely local environment and walked across the field to the Co-op!!

Before they set off they sat down together and wrote out a shopping list so that they knew exactly what they would be looking out for and getting and also to ensure they didn’t forget anything either!

They all walked beautifully and so, so sensibly together holding their friends’ hands and they had their fab listening ears on too as they talked together about keeping safe and also what they could see around them in their local environment.

When they arrived at the shop they walked around observing carefully; keeping their eyes peeled to help them find all the items they needed before putting them into their basket.

They then took their items to the checkout and used their money to pay for them before heading back to Jollies to enjoy their purchases… their yummy, scrummy strawberries, blueberries, veggie straws and even a cheeky chocolate biscuit!!!!

We’re certain their recent shopping experience will further enhance their future role-playing as they draw upon their real-life shared experiences recalling this very exciting trip!!

Our children’s interests certainly bring the fun and drive their learning forwards in the most exciting ways here at Jollies ♥️xxxx