Dirty car, clean car….


The small world car wash had been a HUGE hit outside, so Cheeky Monkeys decided to do this again, but on a much bigger scale!!! However, to do this they needed to get the cars and bikes really MESSY first!!….

This was where the GIANT messy painting swiftly came in… in a flash they were sitting astride the ‘ride on’ vehicles steering them skilfully through the paint to explore the different tracks they would leave behind and they also investigated the textures and possibilities of this painty medium too, but not just with hands or paintbrushes, instead with larger vehicles!! … This was a definite added bonus for our little transport lovers!!

The children were soooooooo excited to have a turn riding the bikes and cars through the paint and they quickly made their choices as to which ones were their favoured mode of transport. They used both feet to push the vehicles through the paint; although some quickly decided they didn’t like the texture of the cold, wet paint on their toes and wanted it wiping off… although others were the polar opposite and ended up trying to cover as much of their bodies in the paint too as well as their ride on vehicle!!

Mission one was soon completed… the cars and bikes were finally VERY messy, so it was swiftly on to mission two…. it was time to start the cleaning process!!

Our children were observed being excellent at cleaning, ensuring they got into all the vehicles’ little cracks and crevices until the cars and bikes were most definitely SPARKLING clean!

We’re not sure which provided the most fun? The process of getting them dirty or the process of getting them cleaned up afterwards?!?! ???????????????????? xxxx