Spreading the love!

Team Jollies received a HUGE thank you today and felt very loved and appreciated through the kind words received from one of our children’s parents/carers this morning as they embarked upon their last Jolly day with us…

We love that our parents/carers work in such close partnership with us throughout the years as we support their children as they thrive and blossom and strive to reach their full potential and we truly thank them for this!

Here are some snippets from their email and a HUGE thank you to Team Jollies for making Jollies ‘Jollies’ as they truly put their heart and soul into making nursery life the best it can possibly be for our little ones…. ????????????????xxxx

“Team Jollies,

I’m not really sure I can quite find all the words I want to say so here’s just a little essay ????.

The past few years **** has spent with you are precious to both of us.

I spoke to Tracey & was introduced to Tia I couldn’t have been more confident that I’d chosen the right place for **** (thanks for the recommendation Natalie!)

Tia is probably unaware how much she helped support both me & **** in that first year. She was so nurturing and fun; **** absolutely adored her. Getting to pick **** up & catch up with Tia at the same time was the highlight of each nursery day. She wouldn’t miss out on letting me know every detail of ****’s day & how she could remember everything we had going on outside of nursery along with all the other parents blows me away!

Knowing *** had her little haven at Jollies has helped us both immensely these past few years. You’ve supported her in being her true self & helped her blossom into my little sassy superstar.

Thank you to each & every one of you.

Laura smashing the toilet training in TT’s when I was near enough ready to give up!

I love hearing all ***’s stories about how silly Stephen is & how much she talks to him & Imogen especially makes me so happy that they’ve created such a safe space for **** to speak openly.

And Emma. ****’s forever & always number 1. No matter what mood **** is in, her face genuinely lights up every time she sees Emma. She is always telling me Emma is her favourite person ever & how much she loves her!

Oh and Sian with your snails – I think I’ve got a few years left of **** begging me to get her some. She absolutely loves them ????

The atmosphere & environment you have created at Jolly Giraffes is just amazing. We can walk through those doors having a rushed, stressful morning & are always greeted by a lovely smiling jolly face & I can’t tell you what a difference it makes to the rest of my day alone! Knowing **** always has so much fun & enjoys being with the grown ups as much as her children friends.

I cannot thank you enough & genuinely am so sad to be saying goodbye to you all!”