Strong Bonds

Having that special someone who is always looking out for you and understands you completely is what Jollies is all about.

Our children have such strong bonds with their key people and this means they know that they are always there for a reassuring glance, a high five, a snuggly cuddle, a simple explanation, a demonstration, a supportive smile, a funny joke, a shared tale and just generally to make their day just that little bit brighter!!

Strong bonds make our Jolly world ???? go round and support the most excellent learning and development possible.

We thank both our children and our staff team from the bottom of our hearts for being so open and receptive and making these bonds possible and so very effective. Also, we are thankful for our parents/carers too as they complete this key person relationship; as only by having a true partnership approach does the magic happen.

Here’s to the next day of fun and the next adventure… let the Jolly learning journeys continue!! ♥️xxxx