That’s not my bunny…


No, it wasn’t, but it was most definitely Fiona’s!!

Our Jolly children were so lucky yesterday as Fiona brought her lovely bunnies in to see them all. We were still bunny obsessed after our surprise visit from the Easter Bunny last week when he hopped in and delivered us all a chocolate egg, so Fiona thought why not extend this current interest in the most exciting of ways!

Their visit went down a treat and our children loved listening to Fiona’s bunny tales and how she cares for them, what they eat and what they need and do etc… fascinating stuff!!

Such gentle hands were observed as those that wanted to stroked the bunnies. Some just liked to ???? look, but some of our children liked to get more up close and personal ???????????????????????? Afterwards Jade and Latisha’s children even created their very own fluffy bunnies as they’d enjoyed the visit so much!

Thank you Fiona for coming in and sharing your wonderful bunnies with us all ♥️???? xxxx