Taking turns…


At nursery sharing and taking turns is important, and intrinsic in everything we do and teach, so that our children can play happily together without conflict.

Recently one of our children was wanting a bike that a friend had been whizzing around on… and Stephen, after observing him standing to the side looking and beginning to look a little frustrated, encouraged him to simply ask his friend nicely if he could have a go.

In the next moment he’d gone up to his friend and asked “Can I have a go on that bike please?”. His friend smiled and then got off the bike to let him have a turn!

By encouraging our children to use their voices to express their wants and needs politely their friends are then able to relate to them and empathise and adjust their behaviour/responses/take turns and share etc accordingly.

If our children listen to their friends and their requests and are taught to value the importance of kindness and taking turns the likelihood of snatching from one another or simply getting frustrated and into conflicts reduces as politeness and manners cost nothing and IT’S ALWAYS GOOD TO BE KIND… ♥️ xxxx