This is (unique, amazing, wonderful) ME


What do I look like? Our children have been drawing self portraits for a display that Stephen is creating within their room to reflect their wonderful selves and how they come together to form a fabulous group!

Before drawing Stephen and his children talked about their facial features after looking closely in the mirror; discussing their eyes, their nose, the shape of their mouth etc, and they also chatted together about what these were all used for… Stephen asked them “How do we hear and listen to sounds?” and “How do we talk and make sounds?” and other similar questions.

This then enabled the children to really think, and learn, all about their different facial features and consider where they were located so they could then draw their face in the most accurate way possible on their paper.

Stephen also asked the children what colour eyes they had and what their hair colour was too, to get them really thinking about the colours they were choosing and using after looking closely at their reflections.

Whilst the children were all drawing themselves Stephen observed them VERY closely and he studied which hand appeared to be their dominant one, precisely how they held their pens… did they have a particular/preferred grasp or grip? He also looked at their finger/hand strength and manipulation and whether they were exhibiting control of the pen throughout to create different movements/motions and also how they managed to hold their paper still and whether they turned it when they were drawing and colouring in…

It is truly fascinating to watch early drawing and writing skills emerging and really hone in on fine motor skills as well as participating in interesting discussions about what makes them ‘them’ and chatting about their senses too ♥️✏️

What a clever bunch of observant, amazingly artistic children we truly have here at Jollies… they are all definitely UNIQUE and wonderful!! Xxxx