All creatures great and small…

🐍🐶🐰 are being looked after and cared for by our Jolly vets!We have seen some wonderful role-playing as our children have taken turns to play both the vet and the pet owner as they have assessed, examined and then taken care of all the animals; from snakes and dogs to bunnies! We have seen heartbeats listened to and medicine administered (one poor bunny had a very poorly ear!) and lots of love and care being shared ♥️ xxxx

Up, up and away!!!!

We think we can safely say that Free-Flow have got off to a flying start in the movement room this morning with Imogen. They have adored working together as a team (whilst developing their physical skills and coordination) to keep the ball on their parachute. They experimented with gentle movements and then a storm hit and the parachute was going up and down in very dramatic styyyylllleeeee…. (accompanied by lots of giggles!!! )It has just been amazing to see our children come in so happily after their family Christmas break. They have excitedly shared their news and have just relished being reunited with their Jolly friends ♥️ xxxx

New year……new adventures

We march to the beat of our own drum (or shake of our tambourine or shaker!!) and we are ready for a year full of giggles, learning and fun…♥️Happy New Year to our whole Jolly Family… as we open our doors again to welcome in another exciting new year… Let’s go!!!!! Xxxx

Happy New Year lovely Jolly Family

♥️♥️♥️We hope you have all had an amazing Christmas? The Christmas decorations have all gone and Jollies is clean and sparkling and ready to welcome our children tomorrow…They will be met with bright lights and balloons as we are happy to announce that Jolly Giraffes is now 17 years old…. Thank you all for being part of our Jolly Family; from our staff team who work so hard to provide security, love, fun, laughter and amazing learning, to our brilliant parents who work in such close partnership with us to help our little ones reach their true potential… by working so closely together we truly do give our children ‘roots to grow and wings to fly!’ Long may this continue in true Jolly style!!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️Happy New Year and Happy Birthday Jollies 🎁xxxx

Santa’s fluffy beard!!

Possums have loved giving Santa the big, white, fluffy beard that he truly deserves!They squashed and squeezed the cotton wool balls, enjoying the squishy, squashy textures of them as they carefully picked them up. They then took great pleasure in sticking them onto Santa’s face (drawn on sticky back plastic!) and they patted them firmly to make sure they stayed exactly where they had positioned them.It was fluffy, it was sticky, it made them giggle and it was lots of FUN!!It’s a big thank you to Team Possums from Santa for his amazing beard restyle… Ho, Ho, Ho…. 4 sleeps to go!!! ♥️🎅🏻♥️ xxxx

We’re going on a Christmas hunt!

‘Hide and seek’ Christmas style! Some of our children searched high and low all around the playground on the hunt for a Christmas tee, a Santa, a snowman, a penguin, a robin, a gingerbread man and a polar bear…They had such fun as they hunted away and the grown-ups gave clues; such as look higher/lower/above/below/behind/in front of/next to etc. Our children were super clever at using their listening ears and following instructions and as they searched high and low (Ho, Ho, Ho!) excitedly, and very thoroughly, and they soon found exactly what they were looking for… 🎅🏻♥️ xxxx

Christmas dinner take 2!

Here we go again…. Yummy, scrummy Christmas dinner number two… thank you, James, for today’s deliciousness 🎅🏻♥️🎅🏻xxxx

Secret Santa with a twist!!!

♥️🎅🏻♥️🎅🏻♥️🎅🏻♥️This year our team did ‘Secret Santa’ a little differently… rather than picking a name and then spending £10.00 buying a specific present for one of our Jolly colleagues as in previous years… Instead, we all decided to spend £5.00 on a pressie we would like to receive and then we wrapped them in newspaper (so they all looked the same!) and today our elves took the box around the building and our team picked out a pressie from under the wrapping so it was a total surprise for each and every one!!We then all donated £5.00 to Candlighters to spread some Christmas love and cheer from everyone at Team Jollies xxxx

What a wonderful surprise this morning…

we heard a jingling of bells and then with a Ho, Ho, Ho the man in red himself came strolling into Jollies… (he’d parked his sleigh further up the road as the reindeers needed a pit stop to have a quick drink and a carrot!!)Our children loved seeing him wave to them from their doorways and they were very excited as Santa’s Helper Elves, Laura and Katie, then gave them the pressies that Santa had brought for them all.Our oldest children even sang Santa a quick song too and this made him really smile!!We waved goodbye as Santa set off to find his reindeer again and our children are very excited about bringing their presents home to put them safely under their trees until Christmas morning… Ho, Ho, Ho

Christmas dinner number 1!

Yummy yummy in our Christmas tummies 😋 Our first Christmas dinner of the week… think we can safely say it’s been very much enjoyed! Thank you, James