We’re Going On A Spider Hunt…

🕷🕸🕷Some of Jade’s children have been facing their fears recently outside as they all went on a spider hunt!They started off just looking at our bug hotel, but it soon turned into looking at the metal spiders that were on the wall, so Jade then suggested to go and look for some real ones… Whilst most were very enthusiastic about this, a couple of her children were a little more reluctant initially and Jade discussed how they weren’t really her favourite things either, but that’s actually ok as they could just look together at a distance if they wanted to. After going on a spider hunt they found two! 🕷🕷

Let’s get snappy….

Ooops snippy!! 🐊 Mr Crocodile busy practising his scissor skills at nursery. Lots of creative fun was had whilst developing fine motor skills and all important scissor skills. We have a variety of different types of scissors available to support our children as they master their use and progress this very important skill. ✂️💚 xxxx

How are you feeling today?

We’re not always happy and it’s ok to feel how we feel and it’s important to explore our emotions to try and unpick what is making us nervous, angry, sad, anxious, cross…One little one was struggling a bit as they were feeling quite emotional and their key person’s sensitive observations of them throughout their nursery day led to them creating an area where they could explore differing emotions and build an even stronger bond together. They wanted to help this little one unpick why they were feeling this way, as this is absolutely crucial if learning any development is to be able to occur…Lots of lovely emotional awareness is now being explored through visual mediums (the emotion stones) and stories that the children can easily and meaningfully relate to.Helping our children realise it’s ok not to be ok sometimes is such an important role for the key person and then their sensitive interactions/communication and support helps them to feel happier and soon find themselves in a much better place whereby they can then get the most out of their nursery day…

Putting our physical skills to the test…

We 🖤 to develop our gross motor skills as we climb, clamber, reach, stretch, crawl, balance and generally move, move, move…First we hone our gross motor skills enjoying the freedom of our large outdoor area. This enables us to practise our skills on the HUGEST of scales and then later we’ll be able to work upon our fine motor control as we encounter smaller, more controlled, activities developing our skills in a different way… This type of exciting physical play requires our full concentration and is just really brilliant fun as we explore what our bodies are capable of as we set ourselves new challenges and then overcome them!! Bring on the exciting physical outdoor play today!! Xxxx

(No title)

We 🖤 to dress up and set our imaginations free as we pretend to be adventurers, explorers, princes and princesses, dragons and monsters and everything in between…We put on our outfits and morph into crazy characters as our dramatic role-playing adventures begin.There’s nothing better than being 3 and 4 and being able to let our imaginations sparkle as much as our glitzy outfits…Grab some clothes, hats, bags and jewellery and bring on the MAGIC!!! 🎩👒💍💼 Xxxx

Chop, cook, share, eat… repeat!!

🔪🍴💚The role play kitchen has been a popular area for some of our children recently as they play together and use their imaginations!! One little one decided to cut up and mix the oranges to make some yummy orange juice for all of her friends! She used the toy knife to carefully ‘cut’ them in half before blending them all in her container! Cooking, cooking, cooking (not just blending!!) was all the rage for another friend as they spent a long period of time focused in the kitchen area creating some yummy food! When Natalie asked what she was making she simply replied “something special”…. She then continued stirring the ‘mixture’ in the container and she eventually revealed that she was cooking chocolate buttons! She then proudly passed Natalie lots of buttons to eat…. Yum, yum!!So much fun was had mixing, creating, imagining, sharing, counting, discussing and role playing together in the kitchen… We wonder what will be on the menu and what fun and learning will be cooked up this week at Jollies?!

Loose parts play in an ‘open-ended’ way!

One little one relished exploring in her own self-chosen way as she was observed busying and challenging herself independently by experimenting with the loose parts…Amongst many other things one that captured her focus and attention was placing the corks into some of the boxes to fill the space. She experimented to see how many she could fit in and whether the box would then close or not…. No it didn’t!!…. so she realised she then needed to take some out and rearrange them.She then continued to collect different objects to test and predict with too! Great counting and finding out in such an organic way through exploratory loose parts play!We 🖤 playing with open-ended unusual resources here at Jollies; ones that allow for exploratory and creative play that don’t elicit a certain response so it frees our children to explore in any way, shape or form they choose to… BRING ON THE FUN!! XxxxIf you’d like your little one to be able to play in this way in the future please make an online enquiry today and we’ll ring you to arrange an in person tour of our nursery. We can’t wait to meet you and introduce you to life at Jollies😊

Surprise steam train

🚂 passing through….Yesterday one of our mummies came into nursery and they said how their little one had been talking about wanting Lauren, Katie and Jade to take them to go and see the trains… We 💜 to follow our children’s interests so that was exactly what the grown ups did! Their wish was our command and a trip to the train station followed, but THE MOST AMAZING thing happened whilst they were there and our children were just soooooo lucky!!A steam train passed through whilst they were at the station; the Scarborough Spa Express chugged into Woodlesford station and stopped to enable them all to have a very good look! It was so exciting as they watched on and waved and all the passengers in the very grand carriages, complete with afternoon tea tables and lamps, waved happily back at them.Such a marvellous magical moment… it’s not every day you get to see and hear a steam train on your travels around Woodlesford.Our children were even more giddy as whilst they sat and had snack after the train had departed they then managed to spot a further 5 trains!! These ones weren’t steam ones, but one was a very long freight one!Choo, choo our children loved their visit and we’re sure they’ll be back there again soon.A steam train… just WOW!!! 😮 Does it get more perfect than that?! xxxx

Dreaming up ideas with the dough…

💭 Laura and Imogen made some dough for their children and then sat back to observe what would happen next! What we discovered was that our children have THE BEST imaginations…The children were free to choose and add tools, materials and resources as they wished to enhance their dough play and the range of things selected and used reflected the diverse range of their wonderful ideas💡 We had cutters being used as plant pots and then golf tees were placed inside them as flowers and then one little one commented upon how one of the ‘flowers’ hadn’t grown as much as the others due to the difference in heights! We had children rolling and shaping using just their hands to create ‘snakes’ 🐍, some dough was shaped and manipulated to create ‘aliens’ and some yummy cakes and pancakes were also moulded. Ideas were dreamt up and dough was manipulated and our children’s imaginations were on 🔥 xxxx


We 💜a bit of bling!!Like magpies we have been attracted to the shiny, shiny rings that Tracey brought in to go with the new ‘hand stand’ that she had found on her latest weekend treasure hunt…We loved to sort through them studying them closely, immediately drawn to their magical glimmer! We discussed colours, we described shapes, we looked at sizes and compared them to each other, we imaginatively turned the rings into ones that gave us special powers (‘bat rings’) and although Tracey thought we’d love to hook them on the hand we much preferred seeing how many we could place on our own hands!! We showed our friends excitedly and we challenged each other to see who could get the most on! We chatted about whose were the largest/smallest/shiniest/funniest/prettiest/sparkliest and we did eventually hang a few on the hand too… it was fun to see how we could place them on to get them to carefully balance to enable as many as possible to be added.