Chinese New Year

We have spent the last couple of weeks learning about chinese new year. We have done lots of activities…….chopstick practice, jigsaws, role play, sensory tray and trying new foods eg prawn crackers.

Adding a little more curiosity!

Free flow and the shared area are undergoing a revamp!

It is Free flow and the shared areas turn to have a revamp and become a little more curious and natural. The shared area now has a lovely calming rainforest feel to it. Free flow is still under construction but you can already feel a difference in how the children engage throughout the day! Exciting x

Paediatric first aid training

Well done team Jollies!!!!!

Team Jollies completed the practical elements of the paediatric first aid training course at the weekend. We concentrated on primary surveys, CPR, recovery positions, bleeding, choking, seizures and defibrillator training. Online training and the final exam is now being completed in order for everyone to gain their certificate.

Enjoying Christmas dinner

Today was Christmas dinner number one! Same again on Thursday. Thankyou to James for cooking Turkey and all the trimmings for us. It was delicious! We are now all feeling very festive and rocking Christmas hats from our crackers for the rest of the day!!

11th December – Bringing festive cheer to Midland House

Our eldest children went on a little trip around the village to spread christmas cheer. We even made reindeer antler hats to wear on our walk. We firstly visited the residents of Midland House and gave them a performance at their coffee morning. We also handed out some lovely chocolates to everyone. We then called at Howgate and Farrer butchers to sing them a festive song and give them a box of choccies to say thankyou for our yummy meat throughout the year!

10th December 2019 – Free Flow singalong no.2

Another fantastic singalong with some fabulous singing voices! Some very confident children to say they are only 3 and 4 years old. Well done team Free Flow!

Free Flow Christmas Singalongs 9&10 December 2019


We hope you enjoyed our first Free-Flow Sing Along… we are unspeakably proud of our children. They are only three and four and to go up on stage in front of all their mummies/daddies/grandmas and grandads takes courage and they rose to the challenge admirably. They sang songs with great gusto and hopefully you all feel that little bit more Christmassy than you did before?!

Well done, you are all officially SUPER⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️S!!!!!

Thank you all for coming 💖💕💖🎄🎄🎄xxxx

One down and one to go today!


Teeth Brushing Talk

The kind ladies from Thackray Medical Museum came to visit us again yesterday to talk about the importance of brushing our teeth. we read a story and practiced looking at teeth with a mirror and brushing teeth with the help of some snappy crocodile puppets!

31.10.19 – Halloween fun!

We had lots of fun dressing up in spooky costumes and doing lots of fantastic activities.

Thackray Medical Museum Ambulance visits – 12.9.19

An exciting morning today…..the ambulance from the Thackray medical museum came to visit us. We loved exploring the inside……driving it, sitting in the big chairs in the back, looking at all the equipment and trying on uniforms etc. Charlotte and Leah also set up lots of little beds with poorly teddies to look after….lots of medicine was administered, LOTS of plasters were applied ans lots of heartbeats were checked. What a fab morning. Thankyou Charlotte and Leah for bringing your ambulance and generally being FAB with our children.