Wonderful ‘Woodlesford in Bloom’

……….are about in the village this morning busy making it look absolutely beautiful. Here at Jollies we’d like to thank them for all their hard work and our children are looking forward to watching the flowers bloom and they’ll be busy watering them to ensure they grow and thrive 🌺🌼🌸🌺🌼🌸 Thank you to all the blooming amazing volunteers who give up their time to beautify our village… xxxxx200People reached12EngagementsBoost post


Conkering’ Our Fine Motor Control…

We’ve been going bonkers for conkers as we’ve combined egg boxes and tweezers with lots and lots of conkers to help develop our fine motor skills further. Our children have adored transferring the conkers into the egg trays. They liked to experiment and test their skills as they used different types of tweezers and scoops to do this. When our children managed to get the conkers into the egg tray they were naturally driven to count how many they had transferred and discuss who had more/less/the most/the least with their friends at any given point and the totals just kept on changing!! They also naturally commented upon the conkers’ differing sizes and the different shapes that they were observing too as they moved and transferred them. So it may have been an activity that started with very much a physical focus, but so much mathematical learning naturally developed, alongside collaborative play, as well as language development and superb conversational skills. We just ♥️ the way that Early Years play twists and turns, combines and intertwines… so much (natural, organically developing) learning through play and experimentation! Xxxx

Red, White & Blue Platinum Jubilee Fun


We have been loving reading stories, looking at photographs, finding out more about the Queen, singing Royal songs, playing with red, white and blue play dough and rice, we have been having mini tea parties (complete with china tea sets and real tea bags), decorating crowns and making our own special bunting ready for our street party on Wednesday, we have been colour matching and finding objects hidden in red, white and blue shredded paper, waving flags and taking part in red, white and blue themed artwork (whilst exploring a variety of different media from paint and felt tips to tissue paper and glue) and we have listened to our National Anthem (and Free-Flow were VERY impressed with Stephen’s singing!!)… Lots of fabulous red, white and blue fun as we celebrate our lovely Queen’s 70 years on the throne… what a long time to be Queen… definitely something for us all to celebrate together here within nursery before our family celebrations take place this coming (long… eeek exciting!!) weekend ♥️

Two peas in a pod

🟢🟢These two friends have been stuck together like glue this morning as they have literally chosen to explore EVERY area together… all we’ve heard is giggles and all we’ve seen is smiles!Friendships make our Jolly 🌍 go round!!! Xxxx

Another Jolly Jubilee song

Here’s another one for you… A familiar tune with royal lyrics 👑♥️ xxxx

If you’re happy and you know it!…

polish your crown (swirl hands around head!)…

sit on your throne (sit down)…

Royal wave (rotate hands round and round)…

sip your tea (pretend to drink with little finger sticking out!) …

pat the corgis (pretend to pat the dogs)…

take a bow (bend over and bow)…

do a curtsey (bend knees and pretend to pull out skirt)…

sing hurrah… HURRAH (very loudly!)

Our Jolly Jubilee song!

We have made up some fun Jubilee songs here at Jollies and we thought your children may start singing them at home too… so here are the words if they are asking you to join in with them♥️🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶 xxxx

The Queen on her throne (To tune of the Wheels on the Bus)

The Queen on her throne, She waves, waves, waves. Waves, waves, waves. Waves, waves, waves. The Queen on her throne she waves, waves, waves all day long!

The corgis in the palace, They yap, yap, yapYap, yap, yapYap, yap, yap. The corgis in the palace they yap, yap, yap all day long!

The guards on parade. They march, march, march. March, march, march. March, march, march. The guards on parade they march, march, march all day long!

The flag on the castle It flaps, flaps, flaps. Flaps, flaps, flaps. Flaps, flaps, flaps. The flag on the castle it flaps, flaps, flaps all day long!

When the crowds see the Queen,They cheer, cheer, cheer. Cheer, cheer, cheer. Cheer, cheer, cheer. When the crowds see the Queen,They cheer, cheer, cheer all day long!

The Queen’s been our Queen for 70 years70 years, 70 years. The Queen’s been our Queen for 70 years and we all love her here♥️

Happiness is….

♥️♥️♥️♥️When a spontaneous tea party erupts around the water tray!!(Terrific exploration of capacity, brilliant fine motor control with some very exact pouring, amazing imaginations as the tea party menu grows and grows and fabulous friendship skills involving sharing, caring and taking turns… anyone for tea?! ☕️) xxxx+7177People reached24EngagementsBoost post


Come fly with me, let’s fly, let’s fly away!!

✈️It’s been all aboard our Jolly Airlines for weeks now as our children have enjoyed role-playing together imagining themselves to be jetting off into the sunshine with their friends on our (see-saw) aeroplane under the canopy in our Jolly garden. They have taken it in turns to run the check-in desk, they have packed their bags/cases, they have grabbed their boarding passes, had their passports checked and finally boarded the plane before disembarking at their exciting destinations of choice… lots of happy passengers jetting off on their jollies!!! Let the adventures begin!!! ♥️ Xxxx

A squash and a squeeze …..

……..and a zoom and a brummmmmmmmmm!!!!For Cheeky Monkeys it’s been all about experimenting with squashy play dough with cars, trains and blocks. They enjoyed making marks in the play dough using the blocks, their fingers and the wheels of the cars and trains. The differing imprints were fascinating to study as they emerged.They made towers with ‘doughy cement’ (which they used to join blocks together), they squeezed dough through their fingers, they tried to roll balls and they would pat and mould their dough!Lots of fun was had and lots of vocabulary was modelled by the grown ups in response to the play that was organically developing in front of them. All the while strengthening of little fingers was occurring too as fine motor skills were developed.Don’t forget it’s easy to make at home too, you don’t need to go out and buy expensive pots!Plus if you make your own you can tailor it to your children’s current interests as you can make specific colours and add different scents… there’s a huge range of food colouring and essences just waiting for you to explore!!We’ve added our tried and tested dough recipe which has served us well for seventeen plus years below for you to have a go at home if you’d like to!Happy squashing and squeezing as you live your best dough life ♥️ xxxx+8164People reached8EngagementsBoost post



Nursery life is all about nurturing creativity… but which kind of creativity will it be today?!Will it be creating a fabulous painting at the art easel? Will it be experimenting with textures, materials and tools at the table top? Will it be creating a marvellous model to play with? Will it be setting up a role-play scenario where we imagine ourselves to be somebody else?!It’s so wonderful to observe our children’s creativity flowing as they develop and learn through their play…How will you play today? Xxxx