20th July 2019 – Summer Fair

A 10 minute shower didn’t put anybody off this year!!! We raised  around £800!!!!! Thanks to all who came xx


18th July 2019 – Our annual leavers trip!

Sian and the free flow staff team took this years school leavers to Swithens farm as a treat! We had a fantastic day. We had an exciting bus journey there and then a snack, before we met up with our guide ‘Angela’. She gave each child a box of carrots to feed the animals on our tour. We could feed cows, pigs, donkeys, goats, sheep, alpacas and llamas. We learned to feed with a flat hand…and that cows were dribbly!!! We also had a tractor ride, bottle fed lambs, brushed guinea pigs and rabbits, watched the meerkats eat an egg, played in the play areas and had a picnic lunch. We spent our pennies in the shop too before another exciting bus trip back to nursery for our well earned tuna pasta bake!!

16th July 2019 – ‘Movable Beasts’ visit!!!!

One of our parents kindly gifted a ‘Movable Beasts’ voucher which they had won…..so Gary brought us some creatures to show us. We did this in 3 groups…. firstly was our youngest children downstairs, then the two year olds and then our eldest Free Flow children. We met; millipedes, madagascan hissing cockroaches, giant albino land snails, stick insects (two varieties), sun beetles, flat rock scorpions, and a  brazilian white knee tarantula called Geordie. We got to look at the scorpion and the tarantula as they were too nippy or fast! but we got the hands on experience with everything else….the millipedes were definitely the favourites!!! 

Woodlesford in bloom again!!!!

Our lovely Big Megan made up a song to sing to the judges, again using a song that the children love at the moment………..George Ezra ‘Shotgun’. The children had spent a long time painting flowers to make Jollies look super pretty, and then they sang their song to the judges! Top marks!

Our spontaneous free flow wedding!!

So at lunchtime today ‘G’ was talking about her Aunties wedding, when another child invited himself along. I said that you can’t just invite yourself to some bodies wedding if you don’t know them! He said ‘well that’s ok cos I’m going to get married and everyone can come!’. I asked who he was marrying…….’G and it’s going to be today!!’………..so we had 2 hours to plan a wedding!!!
All the boys came for a top hat fitting (every boy got very excited about these special hats and couldn’t wait to have one made!!!). I made paper flowers to decorate a chosen hat each for the girls. We made a bouquet, pipe cleaner rings and even a ‘collar’ for Becky the vicar!! All he wanted to know was what we were having for the wedding meal!!! We had cracker canapés and picnic tea!!
We had the ceremony ‘on the lawn’ and threw birdseed confetti. The bride threw to bouquet which was caught by lucky ‘C’, first dance was ‘Shotgun!’ of course and then we boogied the afternoon away with a cheesy disco!!!!!

Team Jolly run the race for life – 2nd June 2019

We put a team together to run the race for life in support of what our lovely manager Tracey is going through at the minute since being diagnosed with breast cancer. We raised a massive £2,395.00 for Cancer Research UK as well as bonding as a staff team at this difficult time. 

The Annual Easter Parade

We were blessed with lots of sunshine on this years Easter Parade!!! All the staff, children and a selection of Mummy’s, Daddy’s and Grandparents set off with our head gear on to bring Easter cheer to the village. We sang to the people in the butchers as a thankyou for supplying our meat all year, and then we headed to the park. We all sang in a giant circle and had a snack before the older children played parachute games and the younger children played in the park. 

While we were out, the Easter Bunny had been to nursery and knocked over some paint…messy thing. We will let him off though seeing as he left us all an easter egg each!!!!

The Eggs arrive………and then so do the chicks! April 2019

It is tradition at Jollies to welcome a dozen eggs to incubate and learn about the life cycle of chickens. The eggs arrived in early April and were well looked after with daily turns etc. The children eagerly awaited the tell tale cracks to appear. Once the chicks arrived, we had chances to stroke them and learn about chickens.

Woodlesford in Bloom – 11th April 2019

After weeks of looking after our flowerpots, the Woodlesford in Bloom team came along to judge the village flowerpots. We made a huge effort this year and painted a huge train banner which we hung around our carpark. We also sang a song which Big Megan made up to the tune of ‘the Greatest Show'( which was a favourite of ours).


World Book Day – 7th March 2019

So World Book Day finally happened after the snow cancelled the first one as lots of our children  opted for a sledging day instead! We wore our fantastic costumes and reenacted some of our favourite stories.